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Lawrence: A Silent Passing 

The story of the last ten years of T.E. Lawrence’s (Lawrence of Arabia) life from 1925, the publication of “Seven Pillars of Wisdom”, to his untimely and unexplained death in a motorcycle accident in 1935. From this time onward Lawrence of Arabia spent the rest of his life escaping the epithet, using pseudonyms and changing his name and there is also strong evidence that, as for many other soldiers, he suffered from depression brought on by Post-War Syndrome. 

His uncompromising and direct manner had created many enemies.  Early in 1935, the year of his death, Churchill began discussing with him a new role in preparation for what Churchill believed was war with Germany. The role would have had Lawrence as the Head of the Secret Service – both MI5 and MI6.

The circumstances of his death continue to be a mystery and there is strong evidence that with Churchill creating a potential senior position for him within the Secret Service in preparation of World War II, his death was a conspiracy engineered by MI5.

The screenplay is a historically accurate British period drama. A character study of a man many regarded as a 20th century hero. Chronologically the story follows on from David Lean’s “Lawrence of Arabia” (1962) and “Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia” (1992).

Ebook: £5.00

ISBN: 0-9533017-9-9         Paperback £10.00


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Paperback: £20.00